Who are Monkeyland ?

A guitar based band from the last century, Monkeyland are four blokes who just won’t go away, a bit like a nasty rash. After spending much of the 90s, writing, recording, gigging and then imploding, they have come back, older, wiser, and with no obligations or desire to be anything but themselves.

This short introduction to Monkeyland Part II, is comprised of three songs: ‘The house that leaves you always wanting more’ is a relatively new song and also accompanies an animated video (see above), which touches on the sentiments of the song. ‘Oscar Goldman’, despite being a simple song about ghosts, may win an award for the longest gestation period ever, taking over two decades to write. Exorcism was one of the very first Monkeyland songs and was the opening song on the J.R.Hartley Tapes, which was released a long long time ago, when all this area was covered by swampland and mesozoic ferns.


Old Photos from Monkeyland Part I